We’ve been busy in the studio….things are gonna shine in 2011!…stay tuned….


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OsoAlbum Release! Caits Meissner does it again…

Okay…., The album dropped. I know you’re not ready, but Caits Meissner has a way of pushing things out so fast, you hardly know what hit you. She’s a poet musician artistic creating machine! This album was recorded here at OsoFly Studios where we rocked sessions and Just Plain Ant mixed them up into an incredible new release entitled The Wolf & Me. Caits once again keeps the people on their lyrical toes……

Here’s some snippets from the Album Release Party in NYC…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

all release party photos taken by Yarrow Lutz for OsoFly…..

Listen to tracks, peep game and get your copy of the album here: http://caits.mvmt.com/the-wolf-and-me/

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Caits Meissner is one of my favorite friends. She is also my go-to graphic design wizard and carries a word prowess that is beyond special. Cait’s album (The Wolf & Me) just dropped and was recorded right here in OsoFly Studios in Brooklyn by yours truly.

The video below was directed by her teenage cousin(!) and features the finest of NYC and beyond.

a song for the ordinary | Caits Meissner feat. brokeMC

check her out in all her glory:   www.caitsmeissner.com

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OsoBlackbook: OsoAgent 48 straight outta the UK

OsoFly by Agent 48

OsoFly by Agent 48 –UK–

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OsoFly Classics


eTown for OsoFly in OsoVinyl Earrings http://www.osofly.etsy.com


JDub for OsoFly in BaBAM! Feather Roach Clips http://www.osofly.etsy.com

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We down like that. OsoFly thinks skateboarders are FRESH!!! and super hardcore badasses, so this one’s for all the skaters out there who use your board as your getaway from quick throwups and driveby tagging….It’s laced with hello my name is stickers bombed by old school Hip Hop’s illest legends….

get yours at: http://www.zazzle.com/osofly

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